Sacred Body Awakening Retreat
Sacred Body Awakening Retreat
Sacred Body Awakening Retreat

Temple of Ancient Healing Arts

Sacred Body Awakening Retreat
Sacred Body Awakening Retreat

Temple of Ancient Healing Arts

Sacred Body Awakening Retreat
Sacred Body Awakening Retreat
Sacred Body Awakening Retreat
Sacred Body Awakening Retreat

Temple of Ancient Healing Arts

Sacred Body Awakening Retreat

Weekend Retreat

Oslo (Pranahuset)
Mai 14 – 16, 2021

(Non – Residential Retreat)

Sacred Body Awakening Retreat

Dear Woman,

We welcome you to a three days workshop in Sacred Body Awakening. We will be combining the elements of Sacred Sensual Temple Dance, Shakti Yoga and beautiful ceremonial rituals.

We invite you into a sacred temple space where you will have the possibility to go deep within, connect with your bodily wisdom, reawaken sacred codes within your body and recall and integrate ancient memories from previous temple life’s. 

Welcome to Sacred Body Awakening

Sacred body awakening is developed by Anaiya Sophia and is an initiation to opening of codes which belongs to holy temple-arts. It is a practice where a woman gets in direct contact with her holy temple-arts codes which are stored deep inside. A mystical feminine way of letting these energies flow from woman to woman and opening up the channel of the goddess inside.

One of the last women to embody these teachings was Mary Magdalene. She knew the ‘ways’ of opening the body to the primal source. She knew how to love with the whole of her body in ways that not only soothed the masculine; but also rebirthed him. Sacred Body Awakening comforts the soul, softens all that is rigid within and births the genuine restoration of trust amongst women. (Anaiya Sophia).

In a circle of women, through a sensual, soft and loving touch you will be taken through a deep journey in an atmosphere of safety, trust and respect. We open up for letting go of masks, false identities, trauma, shame and guilt. The slow touch and presence reunite us with our true essence, our innocence and pure self.

This work is open for all women independent of sexual orientation, age, religion or spiritual background. You will be in a safe environment where you will be honoured and carefully held through the whole process. We will work in groups of three where we will both give and receive loving touch.

Through sacred dance and shakti-yoga we allow the body’s natural rhythms flow, we let go of control and blockages and bring you into your sensual and feminine nature. We will also have a shamanic ceremony where we work with water and rose which will help us to open our hearts, get deeper into our emotions and finding our flow of creativity.

Through this workshop in sacred body awakening
you will have the opportunity to:

☥ Open to and remember Sacred temple codes stored deep within your body.

☥ Resolve blockages in the body caused by sexual trauma and repressed memories.

☥ Opening for a greater experience of affiliation, healing, trust, love and opening between women to women relationship.

☥ Learn to trust and be free in your sexuality in alignment with your heart and soul.

☥ Get supported by sisters in the opening of your sexuality.

☥ Opening for longing and erotic innocence.

☥ Opening your vulnerability by giving, opening and let go.

☥ Break free from shame, guilt and taboo.

☥ Get a deeper connection to your Shakti-Kundalini energy your creative life force.

☥ Open and discover new aspects of yourself, feel more self-confident and authentic.

☥ Open up for radiance, beauty and a deeper sense of self-love and self-acceptance

☥ Deeper connection with your true potential and purpose.

☥ Experience deeper connections with Maria Magdalene

Sacred Body Awakening Retreat
Sacred Body Awakening Retreat
Sacred Body Awakening Retreat

Anna Bergman

Anna works with yoga, meditation, shamanic healing, sacred sound and tantric therapy. She likes to combine different methods and modalities, and believe that all the different parts have something to bring on the spiritual journey of life and as healing methods in different ways, that the method a person have easy to adopt to gain a further state of consciousness or for healing is also individual.

Anna has spent a lot of time gaining knowledge in yoga and meditation in both philosophy and practice. She has a deep interest for herbs, their benefits and unique sound and she is passionate to include this knowledge in the work she offers.

Her experience is that when we work with the archetypes of the various goddesses, we awaken codes within us and which at different times in life are forgotten / suppressed or

for other reasons not experienced. She finds that working with Maria Magdalene really helps us to get closer to our feelings, open our hearts and get into contact with our deepest dreams and desires.

She experiences that Sacred body awakening has opened these parts in her and also helped her gain an increased awareness of how to relate to sexuality and touch.

Anna has education and are trained in: Wild medicine woman training, Michael Harners core shamanic school, Hatha yoga instructor, kundalini yoga instructor, tantric therapist-course, Complete vocal technique song school, Teacher in psychology and aesthetic expressions.

Layna Elivra Faye

Layna Elvira Faye is a Feminine Mystic and Priestess of the Isis-Magdalene Lineage. She works as a Sacred Tantrica with a deep mission and heartfelt dream to restore the connection to Sacred Temple Space, so women can remember their true essence.

She has been through the dark night of the soul, the transformational fire and her work carries the wisdom, knowledge and vibrations of this alchemy.

It is Layna Elvira’s deep passion is to support women to connect to their Kundalini Shakti, the creative life force deep within her womb. She is here to help women to remember their sexuality as sacred.

She is a loving guide and invites deeper connection to sensuality and feminine essence, and the reclamation of different aspects of being, so that women can rediscover and remember their true divinity and live within their full potential.

Layna Elvira has trained extensively in many different modalities including Sacred body Awakening, Kundalini Dance, Tantra Therapy and Sacred Sexuality, Soul Reading and Clairvoyance. She is also a licensed Nurse and Cacao Priestess, dedicated as Priestess of the Gnostic Goddess.

She holds knowledge from different esoteric traditions and Mystery schools, and she shares her work through workshops and retreats, Kundalini Dance classes, and offers one to one session in Sacred Body Awakening and Tantric Shamanic Sessions.

Sacred Body Awakening Retreat
Sacred Body Awakening Retreat

Price for 3 days workshop Mai 14 –16
Non- Restidential Weekend Reteat

Full price

1818 NOK
( ~ £140 )

Pay Deposit

To Reserve Your Spot
800 NOK
(~ £62 )


We have two spaces for free, for youths between 18-25, who have a deep interest/are curious about the area but who are hindered to participate economically. If you wish to participate, please send us an email us to let us know what motivates you and why you want this spot.

Sacred Body Awakening Retreat
Sacred Body Awakening Retreat

During the Sacred Body Awakening ritual, we were divided into groups of women and men. This made me feel safe, as I understood the awakening to be an intimate experience. Layna Elvira, who lead the female group, started by explaining what was going to happen in the ritual and made it clear that all kinds of reactions and experiences were allowed. This opened a space of acceptance and gave me an even deeper sense of security. This security and acceptance spread to the group and made me feel close to the others even though I did not know them well before the ritual.

Layna Elvira led us through the first ritual, and then let us try in turn. I had no expectation that sacred body awakening would be something I would respond to, but the response I experienced was overwhelming.

Being held, feeling unconditional love, and being allowed to feel in one’s own body what happens when you experience completely non-sexual and healing touch is an incredibly rare experience – I think – in anyones life.

– Anna

Felt like I was able to turn inside and shut off the external distractions during the shamanic healing and came into contact with something deep. I felt safe and was able to relax by Anna’s guidance. It was like touching my deeper emotions and inside self. For a moment I was somewhere else. It gave so much more than just conversation

– Anon

The kundalini dancing helped me to get in touch with my energy body and express in a safe space all the things I was feeling in that moment. It brought me on a journey in a safe space of acceptance and non-judgement.

It was a freeing experience… physically through the breath work and movement… emotionally by encouraging honesty and openness to the moment. I felt a connectedness with myself that I enjoyed and a flow that connected me with the other people sharing the experience. I felt a lot of joy and love throughout the kundalini dancing session.

The sacred feminine healing session was very powerful, putting me in touch with my own female energy. It awakened my deepest need to be held and nurtured by the feminine unconditionally. It gave me a sense of the warmth and gentleness of this form of healing that I have not experienced in a long time. It awakened my sexual energy also. It was as if the energies coming from up through the genitals and down through the crown were opening something within me that could not have been touched on any other way. It’s hard to put into words… you need to experience it for yourself.

– Claire

The moon circle with Anna gave so much inspiration. I liked the combination of movement and meditation with knowledge connected to the moon and herbs as I was always fascinated by the energy from the moon. I felt I was guided in a very good way too

– Anon

For me, this sacred body awakening was cleansing, beautiful and healing. It felt endlessly safe, loving and close. Through this ritual I felt that I was finally able to feel my body and myself again in a way that I haven’t done in a while. In retrospect, I am eternally grateful that I was allowed to participate in this experience.

This was indeed an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life and given the chance I would do it again without question! After the ritual, Layna Elvira was very attentive and nice to open up to. She let us talk about what we needed to process our experiences both as individuals and as a group.

Elvira also made it clear that she would be there for us if we needed it even after the retreat. For anyone who doubts sacred body awakening is something they want to try, I strongly encourage you to do it! Elvira  will take care of you and do everything she can to see you and meet you in your needs

– Anna

Layna Elvira is a very warm, caring, open person who gently introduces you to each of the experiences. She made sure that everyone felt safe and secure in the session and encouraged everyone to allow their inner wisdom to guide them as to how far to go into the experience.

Layna Elvira passion for the work she is doing with people is very evident through her loving attitude towards healing and her focus on bringing light into the lives of the people she comes into contact with through her work.

I would recommend going to her classes if you are a person who wants to explore your inner world and your connectedness with the other in a safe compassionate way.

– Claire